Pe lesson in the bowling alley

PE Lesson in the bowling alley, or we play and learn the ins and outs of bowling!
The aim of “PE Lesson in the bowling alley” is to promote bowling. We want to encourage children with a sport that has great chance to join the Olympics.
We offer classes at our bowling alley under the guidance of bowling instructors who bring the secrets of the game and take care of the safety of children. During the lesson, we also hold a mini bowling tournament after which we reward the three best players.
We invite you to our offer during sport classes organized by your school (PE, etc.)

Program of the PE Lesson:

  1. Dividing the group into groups of approx. 5 persons.
  2. Theoretical part: safety regulations, rules of the game, scoring, technique of an appropriate throw and posture, trivia on the game,
  3. Practical part: time to master the acquired information.
  4. A mini-tournament and awarding the three best players with medals.

Classes held for children from 6 to 15 years of age.
Duration: 120 minutes Cost PLN 15/one person. Booking required with min. 7 days of advance.


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