Bowling League

Return of the bowling league! New form – more possibilities!

Do you like bowling and wish to awake your competitive spirit? Maybe you play regularly, or maybe you were encouraged by friends or came across bowling during a company event? Try your hand at the Hulakula Bowling League!

On 5th February we come back with a new formula. Below are the most significant changes.

  • Two categories:
    • I league – for players with an average result of at least 155 points,
    • II league – for players with an average result below 155 points,
  • Entry fee reduced to 40 PLN!
  • First round – free entry!
  • Worth of rewards for each round – 600 PLN!
  • 50% discount on gastronomy and bar until 8:00 pm!

What is that?

Most of all, Hulakula Bowling League is an excellent way to actively spend your leisure time. A series of 10 meetings during which players from two categories (I and II league) are drawn on lanes and thus compete to enter the final phase as well as fight for points in the general classification.

Is it worth it?

First of all – bowling is not that popular, thus you have a chance to stand out against friends and, most of all, during the game enjoy a warm, family-like atmosphere and have a great deal of fun. That is why it is worth to take part on a weekly basis!!!

 How does the tournament look like?

The League consists of 10 rounds. In each round, the players compete in 5 elimination matches. The eight best players will be bumped into the final phase based on the rules of single-elimination tournament. The Masters Final with the 16 best players in the general classification will be held upon the end of 10 rounds.

 What are the rewards in each round?

After each round, the three best players from each category (I and II league) receive the following prizes:

  • I place – gift card worth 150 PLN,
  • II place – gift card with worth 100 PLN,
  • III place – gift card worth 50 PLN.

The cards can be redeemed at Hulakula Entertainment Center of the City, using both attractions and gastronomy.

What are the rewards in Masters Final?

In previous editions the three best players received cup trophies, medals, rotating balls and gift cards for a total of 2,600 PLN.

In addition, we also gave awards to the three best players according to PINFALL classification (sum of toppled pins throughout the entire League) as well as players with the highest average in the League.

Will I manage?

No need to worry! The handicap system (additional points to the game) will help you a bit. Remember that regular exercising is essential. In addition, it is worth noting that the most advanced players will be in the first division, so you are more even likely to reach the podium in the II league of the tournament. After completing the series you can be promoted and compete with the best players! Talk to us and we will explain it all.

When are the League matches held?

We meet every Monday at 6:00 pm.

How much does it cost?

The first meeting is free. Entry fee for participating in a round of the series is 40 PLN. Salty snacks included!

What do I need?

Above all – a lot of will and smile! It is recommended to wear comfortable garments and bowling shoes (can be leased in the bowling alley for free).


Details can be found at The rules of the game .

Up-to-date information can be found at our Facebook profile.


First round – Monday, 5th February at 6.00 pm
More information under 537-867-687