Bowling package

The package includes: 2 hours of bowling, a gift for the birthday boy or girl, paper plates and cups, seats for the parents.

At additional charge: snacks and drinks individually chosen from the birthday menu, gluten-free menu or healthy menu.

Optional: medals and diplomas for each child – PLN 150 up to 10 children (15 PLN per each additional child), invitations: PLN 1/item, additional coloured paper plates and cups

The minimum number of guests is 8 children.

Monday to Thursday – PLN 45/child

Friday to Sunday – PLN 55/child

*birthday attractions for a birthday boy or girl with handicaps – free of charge

Animation as advertised in the ; catalogue up to 15 guests. (another caregiver necessary for groups larger than 15 guests) PLN 180/PLN 250
Additional caregiverPLN 70
Photo boothPLN 600/2h
Glitter tattoosPLN 10/item
MagicianPLN 600
Scientific experimentsPLN 340/group of 10 guestsPLN 390/11-15 guestsPLN 440/16-20 guests
PLN 500/20-25 guests+PLN 20 per each additional child
Face paintingPLN 10/guest
T-shirt paintingPLN 20/guest
Balloon figuresPLN 130/party
Coloured confetti PLN 25
Coloured paper plates and cups (white tableware included in the party price) coloured tableware PLN 3theme design tableware (freely chosen cartoon theme)/PLN 4
Birthday room decoration (balloons, streamers)  PLN 30  
Birthday room theme decoration – individually agreed theme (theme balloons, helium filled balloons, plates and cups, garland, tablecloth, confetti) PLN 180
Large foil helium filled number balloon (green, blue, golden, red, black, pink or silver) PLN 50/item
Piñata filled with sweets and mini toysPLN 150
InvitationsPLN 1/item


telephone number: 669 008 009, 22 18 28 009 at 12.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

e-mail: etomasiuk@hulakula.com.pl,   placzabaw@hulakula.com.pl