Hulaland (3-5 years)

Are you looking for a place where your child will move into a magical, extraordinary world? Are you interested in a children’s playground that offers an interesting arrangement, is safe and enables to develop the little one’s creativity? If so, be sure to check out the brand new playgrounds prepared by Hulakula. These are places like no other – they stimulate the imagination of children and ensure long hours of fun and games. Check it out!

The best playground? Warsaw recommends Hulakula!

HULALAND is a playground for children arranged in fairy-tale climate. A mysterious, exotic island, a pirate ship, a Labyrinth full of surprises and – at the very end – the thing that children love best – a ball pit. All this complemented with a riot of colors. HULALAND will ensure a plethora of fun to preschoolers as well as students of first grades of primary school. And all this in completely safe conditions!.

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