Hulapark (6-12 years)

HULAPARK is a place where fun reaches the state of weightlessness. This cosmic games room for children is inspired by the cosmic world. Rockets, flying saucers, four-level labyrinths… You can easily transport right into interstellar space! We guarantee that time spent in HULAPARK will pass faster than the speed of light! Ready to go on an intergalactic journey together with us?

Each playground at Hulakula becomes a space for great fun. Do not hesitate and enjoy this remarkable entertainment now – it will be worth it. Especially when our Entertainment Centre is open 7 days a week, and you can choose the best time to enjoy fun with your child.

Looking for even more entertainment? Remember that we organize a lot of thematic workshops for kids, bowling tournaments for children, birthday parties  and many, many more. To check out this offer dedicated to our youngest Guests – call us or write.

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