Company events

Hulakula is an Entertainment Centre also designed for Business Clients. An integration party, a casual event or a promotional meeting…no matter which type of events you are interested in – we will help you organize it so that all participants will have a good time. Ready for top-tier fun?
From team building events for companies to organization of events.
Our range is wide and we can always flexibly adapt it to the needs of our client. You can trust our experience. Organizing events is the specialty of experts from Hulakula. Just contact us and submit your idea. Soon, the whole Warsaw will talk about how successful was the party in our Entertainment Center of the City. In Hulakula corporate events just go well!

The entertainment offer at Hulakula, gwhen it comes to integration events for companies and other business events, is extremely broad. Our object is full of attractions – thus it allows to have group fun as well as host a crazy, energetic party. Which option will you choose for yourself? Your call!
In terms of company events, we offer attractions such as:

disco / dancing party,
restaurant for official meetings, catering for banquets,
bar with professional service,
attractions for the youngest ones – for family company events,
oldschool gaming zone,
VIP rooms – where closed events may be held.