Fun scientific workshops

We will take all the children willing to discover the world to a great journey in our laboratory. Wearing special protective aprons, we will use flasks and pipettes as well as other professional devices to conduct a series of spectacular experiments. The topic of the workshops is aligned with the school education schedule. Hence, they become part of lessons and, thanks to their entertaining character, children can easily acquire knowledge. Depending on the age of the children, the workshops are adjusted to their cognitive capabilities and skills. Each little scientist will have the opportunity to perform an experiment on his own.

Available topics of the classes:

– magnets – what is a magnet and why does it either attract or repel? We will perform a series of experiments studying the unusual properties of this material,

– surface tension – what is surface tension and when can you find it in everyday life? We will perform a series of experiments studying this phenomenon,

– science in the kitchen: baking soda – it turns out that you can be a scientist also in the kitchen. Together, we will examine the properties of soda and perform numerous interesting, often surprising, experiments.

– crazy elements – air, water, fire…with such a combination no one will grow bored. We will see what is invisible, create wind projectiles and measure their extraordinary power. We will see how does a volcano work and prepare a special eruption. At the end, we will combine the elements – a unique rocket – to delight each child.

– magic of ice – our little scientists will discover the properties of dry ice. They will develop clouds and close them in bubbles, hide in an avalanche of thick fog and conduct a chemical experiment to create “real” snow.

– ah, these molecules!  – many of the “magic” phenomena around us are a result of chemical reactions. Simply connect the relevant substances so that water suddenly becomes hot, and otherwise cold. A little bit of this, a pinch of that … and our flasks begins to emit lava, like a real volcano. There will be explosions awaited by little scientists.

– physical states – properly adjusted schedule that will help children learn physical states and the magic behind their changes (including sublimation) during a series of experiments.

– air – workshops that will teach children what air is and how to see it. They will perform a series of experiments and examine its properties,

– water – we will examine the properties of water trying not to turn the workshop room into an ocean,

– magic tricks – each child wants to be a magician. We will show the children how to perform several magic tricks.

Classes held for children from 6 to -12 years of age.                                                                                  

Duration: 50-60 minutes. Cost: 1 lesson for 10 children: 300 PLN/group, 11-15 children: 350 PLN/group, 16-20 children: 400 PLN/group, 21-25 children: 450 PLN/group, 26-30 children: 500 PLN/group. The offer is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Booking required with min. 7 days of advance.

Minimum size of one group: 8 persons.


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