1. How many lanes have you available?

We have 28 bowling lanes at your disposal.

2. Do you have any lanes for children?

18 out of 28 lanes are equipped with a special bands that help children play.

3. How many people can play on a single lane?

You can assign 12 people on one track, but in order for the game to be comfortable we recommend a maximum of 6 to 8 people.

4. For how long should we lease a lane?

Completing one game by one person takes approx. 10 minutes, depending on the dynamics of the game.

5. Do I pay for leasing the bowling shoes?

Shoes are already included in the price of the lane.

6. Is it mandatory to change shoes?

Yes, changing shoes is mandatory.

7. Are the shoes disinfected?

Yes. After each use, shoes are disinfected by our staff with a special preparation.

8. Do you have any bowling balls for children?

Yes, we offer lighter balls “fivers” weighing less than 2.5 kg.

9. Can I come to the bowling alley with my own bowling equipment?

By all means. However, we are not responsible for our guests’ private equipment and damages caused by it.

10. How much does lane oiling cost?

10 PLN

11. From what age can children play bowling?

The recommended age is 7 – it all depends on the child’s physical abilities.

12. Do I have to pay for entrance if I book bowling on Friday and Saturday after 8:00 pm?

Yes, after 8:00 pm entrance is ticketed. However, in case of booking entrance for 3 persons online, it is included in the booking price.