1. In what advance can I book a birthday party for my child?

We accept birthday reservations with max. one month in advance.

2. Do I have to pay an advance payment for the party and if yes, when do I have to do this?

Reservation of the birthday party ought to be confirmed min. 8 days before the planned event by means of an advance payment. In case of absence of payment, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

3. How much is the advance payment for a party?

150 PLN

4. How long does the child's birthday party last?

Birthdays last 2 hours, after this time the babysitter settles the party with you while the children can remain on the playground to its closing.

5. In case of a birthday party on the bowling lanes, how many children can play on one lane?

5 at most.

6. Can I bring my own birthday cake to the party?

Of course, you need to arrange it while booking the birthday party.

7. Is the locker room for guests included in the price of the birthday party?

This should be determined while booking the birthday party.

8. Can I bring my own refreshments?

Unfortunately, we are also a business that offers catering services and thus we only allow to bring your own cake.

9. What is the minimum and maximum number of children at a birthday party?

A minimum of 8, while the maximum number is not specified. J

10. How much time can a child have fun on the playground?

Tickets are sold in an open form, which means that a child can stay at the playground up to 8:00 pm.

11. Can we exit the playground and then come back?

Yes, of course. The child should have a sticker from the playground with the name or you need to show the receipt.

12. Can we order food through the playground?

By all means. You can order food and drinks, but it is forbidden to consume alcohol on the playground’s premises.

13. Are there any discounts on the playground?

Yes, upon presenting the Large Family Card, you apply for a 50% discount from Monday to Thursday, and a 25% discount from Friday to Sunday. For disabled children there is a 50% discount upon presenting a certificate/identity card.

14. Do guardians pay for entrance into the playground?

Up to 2 guardians can enter with each child for the price.