1. How many pool tables are there in Hulakula?

We have 8, 9-feet LEO Black King at your disposal.

2. How much does playing pool cost?

Until 5 pm it costs 20 PLN, after 5 pm it is 30 PLN. Charge is based on minutes and we settle for the actual game time.

3. Is there a security deposit required?

Yes, at the beginning of the game we charge a 50 PLN deposit paid in cash. The security deposit is refundable or we settle it at the end of the game.

4. Can I leave a document in place of the deposit.

Unfortunately, we only accept deposits paid in cash.

5. Do I have to pay for entrance if I book bowling on Friday and Saturday after 8:00 pm?

Yes, after 8 pm entrance is ticketed. However, in case of booking entrance for 3 persons online , it is included in the booking price.